I am a London based web and app developer focusing on creating clean and intuitive user-experiences

Recent Work

London Tube & Rail Maps

Since moving to London to begin my career I could not find a simple app which allowed you to easily scroll over the underground maps that was not plagued with ads and useless extra features. Development for this app began as something for myself, but now has over 10,000 downloads. The app is very basic but the new update for iOS7 is trendy and some useful features have been added such as adding favourite stations and viewing a map of where you are in relation to nearby stations. v2.0 update coming soon...

Available on the App Store
Gift Idea+ app

Gift Idea+

Gift Idea+ was developed as part of my MSc in Mobile Application Design. It allows users to add their contacts and create events - after which they can add any gift ideas they have for that person/event. An API, provided by gifts.com, allows the user to search for gifts using a range of criteria including category, recipient, personality, occasion and keywords. Alternatively, a 'Personality Quiz' combines this data and concatonates it to provide a more customised set of search results. The app is now wildy outdated and a huge v3.0 update is in the pipeline which will involve a more social experience.

Available on the App Store

Archived Projects

Dream Team
Making Buildings Wireless Friendly
Formula 1: Flickr App
Final Year Project


Twitter BirdRT @OptaFranz: 100 - Marco Reus had a hand in 100 goals (62 goals, 38 assists) in his 154th game in the Bundesliga. Jubilee.

About Me

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  •   Works at Monitise
  •   Lives in London
  •   Takes lots of photos
  •   Enjoys Mexican food
  •   Loves football,
  •   the outdoors,
  •   and travelling.

Using the best practiced web standards and latest cutting-edge technologies, I create beautiful, professional websites and mobile apps with intuitive and rich user experiences.I have a BSc (Multimedia Technology and Design) and an MSc (Mobile Application Design); both from the University of Kent. I am now working as a front-end web developer at the mobile banking company, Monitise.


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Whether you are interested in working with me, want to compliment my work(!?), or would simply like to ask a question, I would love to hear from you so please drop me an email using the form below. I am not currently taking on any work but do listen to any project that comes my way. Alternatively, talk to me about football (Premier League & Bundesliga), beer from around the world or great coffee shops.